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JUST ANNOUCED: GH at Soulpepper Cabaret Series

For tickets go to Soulpepper – Cabaret Series



Just in: A reunion of The King(s) of Good Intentions

April 6.Hosk

A late-breaking opportunity came up at the venerable Toronto Club Hugh’s Room (we wish Jesse Winchester a speedy recovery!) and the idea was proposed that Gary, George, and I reconvene the trio that recorded on The King of Good Intentions and The Beggar Heart. It’s been some years since we last played together…I’m thinking maybe six…so I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen on stage.  That rhythm section was the envy of many a singer-songwriter, and I always knew how lucky I was to have them along.  If you were (are) a fan of those recordings, we hope to see you April 6, 8PM for what is sure to be a memorable night!!

To reserve your seat, go to TicketBreak Ltd. Online Tickets Canada

LAST CHANCE FOR ONLINE TIX! Web ticket sales ends midnight.


Tickets still available! Pick them up at Fanfare Books or The Gentle Rain in Stratford or order them online at gregoryhoskins.com. ONLINE TICKETING WILL END MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!! Click the image to get your ticket online.


Art of Time, Atwood et al

AOT ANNOUNCE 2014Looking forward to performing a few Cohen tunes with The Art of Time Ensemble in an evening shared with Margaret Atwood and Thom Allison this fall!  This is an excerpt from a piece in The Toronto Star.

Two Books on a Recording Console

2 BooksTwenty seven years ago, a couple of years before the internet was conceived, a mother gifted her young songwriter son with these two books. Probably for his birthday.  Except for a brief stint in storage, these two volumes would sit front and center on every writing desk the young man ever occupied, in every dark corner, basement locker, converted chicken coop, or stifling top floor alcove.  These books do not contain the words like selfie, twerk, ringtone, biodiesel, polyamory, carjack, bromance, emoticon, or dramedy.  And this is good.  gh



It’s all non-fiction. And “troubadoury” is a word now.

Coule ReviewThis is from a music blog review.
I forget that when strangers listen, they’re not sure if the songs are fiction or not.

“Not knowing Hoskins, I can only guess at the darkness that haunts him, can only imagine the wee voices bringing substance to the visions he creates. Whether he is documenting reality, or creating a reality of imagination, Hoskins’ songs provide much to consider- even when lyrics inspire the listener to look away.”

Just to be clear:  it’s all non-fiction.

For the whole review, go to http://fervorcoulee.wordpress.com/

The Rehearsal Mess

It looks complicated because it is. Rehearsing for March 29, Stratford, Ontario.


For online tickets:


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