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Late to the Bling Party: An Evening of Poetry, Music, and Shiny Things with The Art of Time Ensemble

AOT2014COMPSo, that was fun.  From left to right:  Thom Allsion, Margaret Atwood, Me, Karla Huhtanen.  Shots were taken during the dress rehearsal on Friday, so I’m not wearing my bling…not like Thom is wearing his bling.  Learned a lot about bling.  Made up some rhymes backstage with Margaret about bling.  Bling was a real focal point for the concerts.  Bling for the ears, bling for the eyes.  Amazing performance from Andrew Burashko, and incredible playing from the band: Barry Shiffman, violin; Rachel Mercer, cello; Andrew Downing, bass; Rob Piltch, guitar; and John Johnson, Sax.  All “A” players in a 2-night performance that explored the intersection of music and poetry. And bling.

T&GB&WBlingRock Couture. Or Blue Steel?  Thom lent me some bling from his Big Box of Bling stashed in the dressing room.  I never knew how hard it was to get just the right amount of bling to peek just so over the shirt.  Holy shit…it drove me to distraction.  Still, I’ve got my eye out now for some bling to call my own.  I’m always late to the party.

blingcoatEarlier in the day, when Thom wasn’t in the dressing room we shared, I tried his jacket on and snuck a couple selfies.  I dont know what to say about these except that I said on stage I would put them up here.  I fessed up before the show Friday night, and that’s when he took pity on me and opened his Bling Box…in a manner of speaking.


Singing on The Henrys…holy crap.


The Henrys are a critically lauded band led by Don Rooke.  Too many “lauds” to go into here…Google them.  They are well lauded.

I was surprised and excited to be asked to sing on a brand new Henrys recording, a slot usually saved for female vocalists like Martina Sorbara, Becca Stevens, and Mary Margaret O’Hara.  Eleven tracks, all words and music written by Don Rooke.  If the stars align, we’ll get to do it live.
Here’s a piece from one of the tracks, a work in progress:  Far Shore (one of my faves).

Concert Announcement: The Poem/The Song

AOTNOV78The main attraction for the evening will be Margaret Atwood, of course, but any Art of Time evening is a full meal, man.  These are the songs I’ll be singing.  Get your tix here:
The Art of Time Ensemble

Enter the promo code POEM25 and get 25% off the ticket price…because you know me.


Don’t do the crime if you cant do the time

underrateIt’s official: it is now a crime to underrate me.  Thank you, Mr. Stoute.



A co-bill with The Laws.










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