The Backhand of Fate

Waiting, from the concert DVD “Pleasure & Relief”.  A rare song, written quickly on a Korg piano in the second floor apartment of Lynn Simmons, recorded first with The Stickpeople and then again years later with a beautiful string arrangement by Jon Goldsmith, accompanied by Gary Craig and George Koller, with Jon on piano, and The Beggars String Ensemble in front of a live audience.


  1. 400 jammed into an exquisite, state of the art venue ….you could hear your heart beat in that place…. Pleasure and Relief and Waiting were performed back to back….and there was not a dry eye in the house…It was beautiful…..time to do another one of these…

  2. Thank you for posting… front row for this show… my heart opens so much for this piece and so many others, I get lost in another time and place.

    If you have it, I gave my edition with Tags away. I gave the warning .

    All the best.

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